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How To Love Yourself God's Way


I am going back to my original WHY of wanting to start this coaching business. Our ability to reach our health goals or really any goal in life is not just in knowing what to do but in learning to have the mindset that is capable of reaching that goal. From my own personal journey and even my experience as a coach, most women struggle to love themselves. We can struggle to love ourselves in many ways and not just in the way our body looks, but also in how successful we are, what our houses are like, what group of friends we have, if we are a good mom or wife or not, etc. The list could go on and on. But here is the thing, if we never learn true self love, then even when we reach our goal, we still will not be satisfied or feel worthy or lovable enough. We first need to learn how to love ourselves and not just in the way that society and the world teaches us, but the way that God desires. The journey and transformation in learning to love yourself is not easy. It was not easy for me. But like with anything, it is possible with God's help. I am 100% sure that He wants to help you do just that. In this course, I share my own journey, Bible scriptures that encouraged me then and today still, and the practical daily habits I took to change the way I viewed myself. I look forward to hearing your story as well!

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